2024-06-18 New detail page GUI for Customer and Vessel

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New detail page GUI for Customer and Vessel

Inbox menu with new vessel updates GUI is released for all users as well. The inbox menu will be complemented with Port call updates/port call requests later on, it’s hidden with module Portal as it is now.

If navigation from dashboard for widget Vessel updates results in Page not found, then the widget needs to be reseted. Either by reseting the whole dashboard or just deleting the widget and adding it again.

Read more here (customers):    https://support.griegconnect.com/en/support/solutions/folders/28000027888

  • Replacing the old customer GUI, no new functionalities are implemented. New easier way to view customer prices in the customer prices tab, which filter out the active customer prices.

Read more here (vessels)          https://support.griegconnect.com/en/support/solutions/folders/28000027886  

  • The new vessel GUI contains the same functionality as the old one. 
  • The only difference is that a primary vessel image can be defined for the vessel.

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